Welcome to Moneyvehicles.com. I created this blog because there’s much confusion on the subject of money and investing. I also created this blog because the media is putting out misleading information to profit from uneducated people.

I am not rich, but I learned from successful people. I ask them question that concerns many, then evaluate their answers. If their suggestions makes sense, I put them into action. If it doesn’t, I simply search for better answers.

I graduated from Online Trading Academy earning a certificate in professional trading in NYC. There, they teach technical analysis classes on trading, and have life time retakes for all their courses.

During class, I’ve notice what I learned from my teachers was different from what the public was advising. This brought some suspicions, and became the primary reason why I started this blog.

Today I understand they’re money-vehicles the rich use that the poor and middle class do not.

In this blog this is what you will discover, but It is your choice to choose what is best for you.

Before this section comes to a close it is important to understand that this blog only serves as a guide not answers. You are responsible for your own actions, for these examples I use is only base on my experiences.

As you learn the material in this blog, practice and take things slow. The road to financial freedom is a journey not a race, now lets begin.


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I'm Manny, I am a technical trader, and entrepreneur. I created this site as a guide to help others reach financial freedom. My goal is to inspire you to learn. It is also to inspire you to be the best you can be. Here we teach investment techniques to help leverage yourself. Welcome aboard.

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