How to Analyze a financial position of a business

In order to understand the financial standing of a company you will have to consider its balance sheet. That again determines the value of the business. In addition to the balance sheet, you will also be required to consider the assets and liabilities of the business, the current ratio of the company and so on.

What Happened to Gold

One of the first rules of money is “money is belief.” For those of you wondering what happen to the price of gold it’s simple, people started to lose belief. In my article “the power of your mind” I explain the power of belief. Unfortunately gold didn’t break its resistance levels as anticipated  so investors […]

Stock Market Lessons 101

In my several years of trading I’ve listen to several thoughts on the stock market. I’ve listened to professionals as well as amateurs just to get a glimpse of their point of view. What I’ve learned through my observations was the lack of knowledge they had on the overall market. Most professionals were right on point, amateurs and the rest simply had […]

Financial Literacy Equals Financial Freedom

For most people, the world of finance can be a very confusing subject. Because of this, some simply avoid their finances. The reason people are in debt today is because they never took control of their cash flow. If this is you, especially with interest rates at record lows, now is the time to do […]

How To Solve The 90/10 Riddle Of Money

One of the keys to success is solving the 90/10 riddle. If you want to be successful it is imperative that you focus on this riddle. If you never heard of this riddle before, here it is: “How do you fill your asset column without buying an asset”. For those of you who read my […]

How To Earn An Infinite Returns In The Stock Market

Whenever I hear someone say investing is risky, I know they don’t understand infinite returns. I also know they are one or more of the people below simply because of the thoughts. A person with low Financial IQ A person who never invested before A person who is not in control of their emotions

How to Raise Capital for Your Creative Ideas

In my last post “The power of your mind” you may recall I stated it doesn’t take money to make money. Following, I mentioned, it takes knowledge to make money. I wrote that article to challenge your core believes about money. I also wrote that article in hopes you  keep an open mind when it comes to […]