The Most Powerful Man in the World

Ben Bernanke

Today many people believe President Obama is the most powerful man in the world. Lacking financial education they think like the norm and fail to understand what true power is. True power is the ability to affect anything and almost everything around you. It’s the ability to shift lives let alone money changing the direction […]

Financial Literacy Equals Financial Freedom

For most people, the world of finance can be a very confusing subject. Because of this, some simply avoid their finances. The reason people are in debt today is because they never took control of their cash flow. If this is you, especially with interest rates at record lows, now is the time to do […]

How To Solve The 90/10 Riddle Of Money

One of the keys to success is solving the 90/10 riddle. If you want to be successful it is imperative that you focus on this riddle. If you never heard of this riddle before, here it is: “How do you fill your asset column without buying an asset”. For those of you who read my […]