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6 Ways to Leverage a Recession

Recession, Unemployment, leverage

In today’s economic times it’s no secret our economy is in terrible shape. Unemployment is 7.7% food prices are through the roof, and the fiscal cliff is yet to be solved. Today, more than ever people are uncertain of their future. They’re beginning to realize a college degree just isn’t enough as their force to […]

Who pays the most Taxes?

If you’re like most people you properly hate paying taxes. If you’re also like most people you properly pay more taxes then you should. For those of you who follow my blog you may recall I wrote an article called What Income Do You Work For? If you have yet to read this, click here […]

Guide to Stock Options

guide to stock options

For those of you who followed my blog you may notice at several points I mentioned using options as leverage. I stress this simply because options can provide substantial income opportunity if used correctly. Once you enter the world of options you may never want to trade stocks again. And the moment you understand this […]

How To Earn An Infinite Returns In The Stock Market

Whenever I hear someone say investing is risky, I know they don’t understand infinite returns. I also know they are one or more of the people below simply because of the thoughts. A person with low Financial IQ A person who never invested before A person who is not in control of their emotions

What Income Do You Work For?

Before you begin learning money vehicles it is important to ask yourself, what income do you work for? Why is this important? Short answer: Taxes. For those of you who don’t know, taxes are your single largest expense. Over 90% pay more taxes than they should, simply because they don’t understand tax law. I’m not going […]