Dow Jones Falls Below 17,000

Dow Jones Falls Below 17,000

  Today the Dow Jones closed below 17,000. If you’ve been following this blog this was already expected when I wrote The Real Reason Stocks is Falling. Here are the numbers of  today’s activity in the stock market.

How to Trade the Stock Market to Generate Income

Stock Market

In December 2012 I had to make a choice. The choice was should I go in debt to pay a semester in college or should I go in debt to pay for a course in technical analysis. That day was a critical moment in my life because I was entering another semester in school. But […]

12 Rules to Becoming a Successful Trader

success, trader, stock market

In life there are rules. If I were to guess the reason we have them is to enforce order to keep up a standard way of living. In the stock market there’s also rules. The problem is there not always followed, which is why you as a trader must develop discipline when trading. Below are a set of […]

Why Knowledge is the New Money

Know is power

In my past post I wrote about Ben Bernanke being the most powerful man in the world. I mentioned how important it was to listen when he speaks simply because he controls the power of money. Because Bernanke is in charge with keeping the economy stable his obligations also is to report future and current […]

How to Leverage TweetAdder to get more Traffic

If you’ve been following this blog it’s no secret successful people use leverage. Today not only are they using leverage they’re creating tools for leverage as well. One remarkable tool that is being used is a traffic software called TweetAdder. The reason why is because of its automated functions and its ability to get you […]

5 Ways to Leverage Yourself and Make More Money


In the old economy people have always been leveraged. In the new economy people are leveraging themselves. One of the reasons why people struggle with success is because they’re not using enough leverage. If you analyze a successful person closely, it is apparent they’re using some form of leveraged.

Guide to Stock Options

guide to stock options

For those of you who followed my blog you may notice at several points I mentioned using options as leverage. I stress this simply because options can provide substantial income opportunity if used correctly. Once you enter the world of options you may never want to trade stocks again. And the moment you understand this […]

The Best Things Are Free!

In today’s world it’s hard to imagine not being charged. You open your mail, there’s a bill. To go to work, you pay transportation. Nowadays you even charged for water. Sometimes we daze and wonder if ever our big break will come. So we wait and you wait, but that day never comes.