Dow Jones Falls Below 17,000

Dow Jones Falls Below 17,000


Today the Dow Jones closed below 17,000. If you’ve been following this blog this was already expected when I wrote The Real Reason Stocks is Falling. Here are the numbers of  today’s activity in the stock market.The Dow Jones industrial average fell 161.39 points, or 0.94 percent, to 16,976.81, the S&P 500 loss 23.45 points, or 1.18 percent, to 1,958.12 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 62.52 points, or 1.41 percent, to 4,363.45. While others are making excuses for market behavior, professionals traders like myself are laughing to the bank. As stated before, the market will continue to fall because it is simply OVERBOUGHT.

Liar Liar

When I was a child I got the lesson early that it was a bad thing to lie. I remembered these lessons well because I received a beaten every time I got caught lying. In the stock market apparently lying is a good thing. This does not only go on in the market, this goes on in the financial industry as a whole. To illustrate my point, let’s look at Yahoo excuse for why the market fell.

Below is an article that was published moments after today’s closed, let’s take a closer look at its headline. The headline reads Malaysian airline crash amplifies move to safer assets. When clicked on the article it’s title also reads Gaza violence, plane crash in Ukraine hit stocks. Here’s the link to the article if you want to read–business.html

My condolences to all who loss, but this simply wasn’t the reason for the sell off nor the Dow Jones falling. As I said before if you want to know the truth you must learn how to read a stock chart.

Dow Jones Falls Below 17,000

Dow Fall Below 17,000

The Truth is in the Chart

There is a saying that goes the truth is in the pudding. Well In the stock market the only pudding we know is the pudding of a price chart. If you recall in my last article I showed a daily chart image of the S&P spiders SPY already overbought. Diagram one is the same image and diagram 2 is how the image looks today.

Diagram 1 published June 17, 2014

SPY Chart


Diagram 2 published July 17, 2014

SPY Chart


As you can see in diagram 2 the selling has already begun. This is why professional traders don’t follow the media and why you shouldn’t either.

The Truth will set you Free

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