How to Leverage TweetAdder to get more Traffic

If you’ve been following this blog it’s no secret successful people use leverage. Today not only are they using leverage they’re creating tools for leverage as well.

One remarkable tool that is being used is a traffic software called TweetAdder. The reason why is because of its automated functions and its ability to get you followers in minutes.


What exactly is the TweetAdder:

Well to keep it simple, tweetadder is a social network tool that allows users to follow and un-follow other users in any niche.

This means leveraging is becoming simpler, and the cost for using it more affordable.

The features of tweetadder are literally endless when used correctly.

The following are examples which illustrate this, as it become apparent why many use this software.


What makes it different?

Tweetadder is not just any software, its leverage on steroids. It directly synchronizes to your twitter account giving you unlimited control without being on twitter.

The best part about this software is if you short of time you can automate it’s task.

You can tell it to add 50-150 new followers on auto pilot daily, choosing its operational times seen in diagram 1.


Diagram 1



Following and Un-following Twitter users:

With the tweet adder you can follow and un-follow group’s base on interest.

For instance, if your niche is investing you can search users using keywords relating to investing. You can also search multiple keywords at a time as seen in diagram 2.


Diagram 2

Tweet search by keywords


Personalized profile searching feature of TweetAdder:

Another helpful feature tweetadder provides is the ability to personalize search users by their profile names.

The advantage of this is to see who is following them, and send them invitations to follow you.

The diagram below is a snap shot how this works, this is also one of many secrets to getting traffic online especially if you’re aiming towards specific target markets.


Diagram 3

followers of a user


Direct Messaging of many Twitter Followers:

One of the most overlooked features of Twitter is the ability to send out direct messages to twitter followers.

The benefit of direct messages helps to give a more personalized feel to your followers and to truly get your message across, no matter what it may be.

The ability to automate direct messages comes in handy especially if your time is limited. Below is our auto response message to new followers, you can also edit this however way you please.


Diagram 4



The Good thing about Tweetadder

  • Great for leverage
  • Easy to use
  • Free software updates and support
  • No questions ask 7 day refund policy


The Bad thing about Tweetadder

  • The new version tweetadder no longer support automotive feature. Almost everything has to be done manually, which means you have to put in some work.
  • You now have to pay monthly to continue service


Is tweetadder still worth buying?

In my opinion it depends on you. If you’re lazy and need automotive features don’t waste your time.

However if you are not lazy this software has great leverage potential. You can still reach any market on the twiiter, it just take more work. Thanks for reading.


P.S. We’ve just finished the leverage tools tab in our navigation menu click here.

There you will find important tools for obtaining leverage. We strongly advise that you take advantage of these tools.

They will aid you toward your journey to financial freedom.

As this blog move forward we will add more tools and giving examples how to use them. Thanks.


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