What Happened to Gold

One of the first rules of money is “money is belief.” For those of you wondering what happen to the price of gold it’s simple, people started to lose belief. In my article “the power of your mind” I explain the power of belief.

Unfortunately gold didn’t break its resistance levels as anticipated  so investors lost confidence. Another factor which caused the plummet of gold is rumors Cyprus might sell 10 tons of gold to finance its debt. This brings us to another vehicle which can bring in profits and that vehicle is fear.

Where there’s Fear lies Opportunity

When gold started crashing I simply saw this as an opportunity not a crisis. I bought in the money puts and made $7254 leveraging only $1900 trading its ETF  GLD. While everyone was panicking hitting the sell button they were making me and other professionals a lot of money. This is what financial education can do for you, which is the reason I  recommended taking the option boost course.

Bad news is Good news

One of the reasons you might want to stay away from chicken minded people is because they only believe the sky is falling. In investing when the sky is falling that’s really when the money comes pouring.

For those of you who followed my blog you already know how I make my best profits out of bad news.

While they were many who lost money in gold there were also others like myself who made money so keep an open mind because these type of transactions happens everyday.


Where will gold go next?

Anyone who tells you they know where gold is headed is either miss cleo or has a crystal ball. Either way run from them as fast as you can because the markets is heavily manipulated.

For the most part I’m still holding onto my gold and silver  because I simply don’t trust my government. I’ve seen food prices rise faster than hourly pay and our government still reports theres no inflation.

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