The Most Powerful Man in the World

Ben Bernanke

Today many people believe President Obama is the most powerful man in the world. Lacking financial education they think like the norm and fail to understand what true power is.

True power is the ability to affect anything and almost everything around you. It’s the ability to shift lives let alone money changing the direction of wealth for many people.

How to Leverage TweetAdder to get more Traffic

If you’ve been following this blog it’s no secret successful people use leverage. Today not only are they using leverage they’re creating tools for leverage as well.

One remarkable tool that is being used is a traffic software called TweetAdder. The reason why is because of its automated functions and its ability to get you followers in minutes.

What Happened to Gold

One of the first rules of money is “money is belief.” For those of you wondering what happen to the price of gold it’s simple, people started to lose belief. In my article “the power of your mind” I explain the power of belief.

Unfortunately gold didn’t break its resistance levels as anticipated  so investors lost confidence.

Stock Market Lessons 101

In my several years of trading I’ve listen to several thoughts on the stock market. I’ve listened to professionals as well as amateurs just to get a glimpse of their point of view.

What I’ve learned through my observations was the lack of knowledge they had on the overall market. Most professionals were right on point, amateurs and the rest simply had no idea. If you’re going to play the stock market it is essential you understand its mechanics.

5 Ways to Leverage Yourself and Make More Money

In the old economy people have always been leveraged. In the new economy people are leveraging themselves.

One of the reasons why people struggle with success is because they’re not using enough leverage.

If you analyze a successful person closely, it is apparent they’re using some form of leveraged.

6 Ways to Leverage a Recession

Recession, Unemployment, leverage

In today’s economic times it’s no secret our economy is in terrible shape. Unemployment is 7.7% food prices are through the roof, and the fiscal cliff is yet to be solved.

Today, more than ever people are uncertain of their future. They’re beginning to realize a college degree just isn’t enough as their force to settle for low paying jobs.

This post was written for those who face these circumstances.

Who pays the most Taxes?

If you’re like most people you properly hate paying taxes.

If you’re also like most people you properly pay more taxes then you should.

For those of you who follow my blog you may recall I wrote an article called What Income Do You Work For?

If you have yet to read this, click here because it is the most important article on this blog.

Financial Literacy Equals Financial Freedom

For most people, the world of finance can be a very confusing subject. Because of this, some simply avoid their finances.

The reason people are in debt today is because they never took control of their cash flow.

If this is you, especially with interest rates at record lows, now is the time to do so. When it comes to money, cash is king.